Beauty of life


I love mountains, in the mountains I just feel free and relaxed – even if I am frightened of the steep slopes or wet or tired…

I love sounds – of birds, water, animals, wind, remote sounds of other people, sound of the ground under my feet…

I love scent of the air – flowers, coniferous trees, wet stones, ground, grassess of all lenghts…

I love the views –  Oh, God! Amazing views!

All of these make me jubilant at once!

kozica 2


13 uwag do wpisu “Beauty of life

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  2. Lovely poem. Nature can be so beautiful. That is a great shot, and well spotted. That deer looks quite lonely, like it lost its friends. Hope you had a good day in the mountains 🙂

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  4. What an interesting interpretation of the challenge; makes me want to see more of your work as a photographer.

    I’ll be following you from now on. Have an amazing day! 🙂


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