Gdańsk – ShOUT for Ukraine!


Shout for Ukraine in Gdańsk at Academy of Art.

There was a very important event at Gdańsk Academy of Art on 15th of February. The artists exhibited posters, gave concerts and performed a happening supporting Ukraine.

I am from Poland.

I will never believe that journalists and oppositionists disappear in democratic country… that you cannot say what you think if your thoughts are not the same as the goverment’s ones.

I will never believe that Ukraine is not fighting for democracy now.

I remember 1970 from the windows of my home in Gdynia, 1981 from the gate of Gdańsk Shipyard . I believe in what I see.

„ShOUT for Ukraine!”

We think about you Ukraine…

I am happy I could take part in this event.

All the posters went to Euromaidan in Ukraine to support Ukrainian revolution.


All photos were taken during the event. I do not know the author of the photo from Euromaidan.

The posters are from the facebook site of the event:



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